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Connie Constance Takes Control

By Nicolas Magenham |

Qobuzissime for the Watford singer who signs a second album, the aptly named "Miss Power", that is likely to transform her into the new queen of the British indie scene!

Simultaneously a ‘bitch’ and a ‘fairy’ (she defines her style as such), nostalgic yet politically current — Connie Constance is surrounded by such fundamental contradictions as these, blurring the lines of her art in much the same way as other seasoned rock stars. Although Miss Power is only her second album, following English Rose in 2019, the 27-year-old singer has already found everything she needs to take her to the big leagues.

Not afraid to tackle sensitive subjects, from heartbreak, her complicated relationship with her father, or her mental health struggles, Connie's lyrics lay everything out bare for the audience to absorb. Her music is simultaneously a nod towards the classic British indie scene that she has always admired (The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Blur…), and a medium for her to process life. In the opening track 'In the Beginning', Connie's poetic speak-singing is layered above chirping birds and ghostly choral chanting, which gives us an experimental peak into her creative mind before throwing us into the pulsating, wholly-indie track 'Till the World's Awake', reminiscent of bands like fellow Brits, Glass Animals.

Feminism - and issues of human dignity more generally - is another topic that Connie Constance isn't afraid to speak out about. In ‘Hurt You’, she sings for all those who have ever felt ‘trapped, scared or crushed’. She adds, in her own unique style: ‘I hope they hear it before and after they tell their oppressor to get fucked’. The other feminist anthem on the album is ‘Kamikaze’, in which she warns: ‘I’m not your perfect little princess and I have my own unique vagina’. The Watford native doesn’t tread lightly around these topics, but she knows how to handle irony. Take ‘Heavyweight Champion', for example, the title of which is juxtaposed with her silky (yet powerful) voice and accompanied by delicate synth layers, a heavenly chorus and gentle guitars. British indie rock has a new queen in its midst: Qobuzissime!


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