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After Bowie

By Marc Zisman |

Seven years after his death, the Thin White Duke continues to fascinate and his albums remain a major source of inspiration for many artists...

On the 10th of January 2016, when David Bowie disappeared for good, his fans were still listening to Blackstar, his 25th studio album released 48 hours earlier, on his 69th birthday!

The man who had just died of cancer, which he had been fighting for 18 months, was not just another "rock legend". His ability to cross decades and fashions in his own unique way has always granted Bowie the status of a unique innovator, a singular artist succeeding in perpetually reinventing himself, in questioning himself too...

Whether it's glam rock, new wave, funk or soul, disco or electro, David Bowie has embraced every genre; sometimes even with a head start. From Major Tom to Ziggy Stardust, from Aladdin Sane to Thin White Duke, he invented and reinvented himself, metamorphosed and exhibited his body as a spectacle. A body that he has taken to the four corners of the world, from London to New York via Berlin.

A geographical, physical, intellectual, dense and quite fascinating itinerary that made Bowie an icon of the modern cultural world and a pop pioneer playing on a claimed androgyny. And seven years after his death, his art continues to have a profound impact on the younger generation...


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