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Newvelle Records

By Jessica Porter-Langson |

Streaming? Streaming who? For Newvelle Records, the future is vinyl. With ultra-crisp sound recorded in a world-class studio, Newvelle give you quality jazz like you’ve never heard before… with an exclusive Qobuz twist.

The jazz pianist Elan Mehler set out to revolutionise the way that people consumed jazz music. After joining with his business partner and former piano student Jean-Christophe Morisseau, they began the painstaking process of creating the finest jazz recordings possible, available only to a lucky 500 exclusively on vinyl. No CD, no download and no streaming.

At a time when music can be consumed anywhere at any time, labels like Newvelle are bringing back the charm of a beautiful record. Their records are recorded and mixed by 5-time nominated and 3-time Grammy Award winning engineer Marc Urselli. For the audiophiles out there who want to know the nitty gritty on how Newvelle achieve their crystal clear recordings, Urselli uses mostly vintage and some tube microphones, all analog and some tube pre-amps and all the inputs are run through and summed through an entirely analog console (a Harrison Series Ten B) that has no AD’s or DA’s anywhere. This keeps their signal chain as short as possible, leaving the end result clear and defined.

Although Newvelle’s digital presence is small, their sound presence is huge. Qobuz is lucky enough to have an exclusive sampler of their latest record, Newvelle Blue, available only on Qobuz for two months only. The album is a careful curation of favourite tracks from across the labels early years, including two previously unreleased songs, all available in high-quality digital audio for the very first time.

Featuring tracks from Elan Mehler himself, Frank Kimbrough, Andrew Zimmerman and more. From solo piano to full jazz band, you’ll definitely want to listen in Hi-Res and Hi-Res only. The high register notes are crisp, the bass is present without ever overbearing and if you close your eyes, you would think you were sitting in a room with the artists themselves. The timbre of every instrument has been finessed, from the woodiness of the saxophone to the sustain of the piano. Newvelle don’t just make great records, they curate the finest - from the artwork to the recording process. Take advantage of this Hi-Res gem, streaming now on Qobuz.

If you want to deep dive into the roster at Newvelle, you can discover their playlist here on Qobuz!