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Qobuz Hi-Res is now integrated to ARCAM devices

By Mareile Heineke |

Qobuz, which developed a large ecosystem of Hi-Fi connected audio brands, is very happy to announce the integration of the Music Life (iOS) app developed by ARCAM.

Android users can use the BubbleUPnP app and access Qobuz streaming in the "Cloud" menu.

ARCAM is a prestigious English manufacturer, well known by Hi-Fi enthusiasts, especially in the home cinema field.

Below is the current list of models you can use Qobuz with: UDP411 (v082), CDS27 (v083), Solo Movie (v36) and Solo Music (v8) which was just awarded "Best Hi-Fi System" in 2016 by What Hi Fi !

Please visit one of our Qobuz Society reseller partners for an in-store Hi-Res streaming demonstration.

- Solo Movie

- Solo Music

- CDS27, CD/SACD and network streamer

- UDP411, Blu Ray and network streamer

- some screenshots of the Music Life app


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