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Beyerdynamic’s Amiron Home: affordable, audiophile open-back headphones

By Alban Amouroux |

Amiron Home is hardly a new addition to the sound scene. These headphones have become a benchmark in recent years. While we haven’t previously had an opportunity to product-test them, you can discover them in more detail here. Above all, these headphones are designed for home use, where they promise to reproduce and deliver any music in its finest details for hours of blissful listening.

Beyerdynamic’s Amiron Home model features an open-back design. Beyerdynamic’s “Tesla” range includes four headphone models. The German brand’s innovative technology uses a magnetic system that is much more powerful than competing headphones. However, that power is not intended to deliver higher sound levels but to control the movements of the transducer. The Tesla system cancels any vibration in the midrange for a listening experience at once more precise and “relaxed”.

The Beyerdynamic Tesla range also includes the Amiron Wireless: a closed-back Bluetooth version of the Amiron Home for listening when out and about. Otherwise, the unit is almost identical except for the output impedance if you use the wired Wireless version. Two higher-end models complete the product line, the T1 and T5. Their headband is identical, but the construction of the transducers is different. The design has changed slightly with the addition of the new Beyerdynamic logo. The T1 headphones are open while the T5 are closed. Like Tesla technology? Then you have a choice, with prices ranging from about €500 to €1,000.


Price: Manufacturer's website
Impedance : 250 ohms
Nominal impedance: 102 dB SPL / 1 MW @ 500 Hz
Frequency response: 5 Hz - 40 kHz
Transducer: 45 mm with Tesla technology
Cables supplied: 1x unbalanced 3 m cable, 3 TRS 3.5 mm jacks, 1x jack adapter 3.5 mm female – 6.35 mm male (other cables optional)
Accessories: sturdy hard carrying case
Weight: 340 g  

Amiron Home overview

Amiron Home headphones are designed to last, from manufacturing to the materials used. Let’s first look at the pieces that connect the headband to the earcups. These yokes are made of rigid metal (aluminium) over a millimetre thick with no chance of bending or folding, holding the earcups via two screwed-on swivels. The entire assembly is perfect.

The headband is cushioned in imitation suede, black on the inside, grey on the outside. The yokes slide into the headband via two plastic end-pieces, with the Beyerdynamic logo embossed on the outside, while the inside features the Beyerdynamic address, accompanied by “Made in Germany”, the impedance and the model serial number, as well as right and left indicators.

This is regal comfort. The headphones sit well on the head without too much pressure or tightness, thanks to the substantial padding. Headband adjustment pins adapt sizing to the listener’s head while preventing any unintentional shifting. The comfortable earpads, also featuring imitation suede covering, surround the ear without causing overheating, even with prolonged listening. Keeping out external sound is not their strong point – which is rare with open-backed headphones in any case.

The outer housings are made of a single piece of rigid and resistant material, a circular, tightly-woven grille with a broad metal stripe across each side that houses an embossed logo. The style is classic without being showy. Beyerdynamic is as efficient and effective as ever. Once again, the finish and durability of the unit are flawless. When removed, it rests on the corners of the metal fork. Thus, there’s no risk of scratching or damaging the paint over time.

Amiron Home: How they work

Tesla technology and its powerful magnetic system combine with a large-diameter 45mm transducer. It has the capacity to cover a wide range of frequencies, from 5 to 40 000 Hz, earning it the coveted Hi-Res Audio certification, for its ability to reproduce very high frequencies.

Impedance is in the higher range at 250 ohms. Amiron Home headphones work well when plugged into a headphone amp or the jack of an integrated Hi-Fi amp or home theater. If you want to use them while roaming, plan for a sufficiently powerful amplifier module or DAP. However, with their poor insulation, it’s better not to wear them beyond the living room.

Beyerdynamic ships the Amiron Home in a hard carrying case. The headphones are not foldable, so the case is bulky, but perfectly suitable for ample protection. The case is also available as an accessory, with space reserved to store the 3-meter cable.

The case is separated for right/left earcups and is detachable, allowing you to replace it, as well as use a balanced amplifier with the appropriate cable. On that note, Beyerdynamic offers a balanced cable ending in an XLR-4 connector as an accessory. You can also find other cables from other suppliers ending, for example, with a 4.4 mm mini-jack or two separate 6.35 mm jacks.


Listening took place with DAC RME ADI-2 Pro AE headphone amplifier, first with the original cable and then with a symmetrical cable. The source was the Qobuz app for Mac. Amiron Home headphones have a sound as velvety as their padding. The reproduction is elegant, with real finesse, beautifully expressing vocals like Lianne La Havas on her latest self-titled album. Centred, elevated relative to the instruments, her voice is well separated while enjoying excellent resolution. It’s sheer listening pleasure, and never forced. The sound has a presence and life with an overall message that easily transcends the limitations of the headphones.

The Billie Eilish track Bad Guy offers ample demonstration of Amiron’s low-frequency capabilities. They have body and substance, without descending into the depths of sub-bass frequencies, as the tech specs promise. There’s a bit lacking in that domain, giving the listener a “dry” overall sound, never lagging, droning or buzzy, maintaining a pleasant listening register. The different layers of reverb are reproduced well beyond the headphones, one of the advantages of their open design. That view is confirmed with a listen to A Motown Holiday, an album sure to liven up your Christmas soirées. The ambiance is brilliantly reproduced, but the R&B rhythm lacks low-end oomph. Switching to balanced mode doubles the power, still not enough to recover that foundation. On the other hand, the soundstage benefits from an even wider aperture, with even more precise detail in the sonic space beyond the limits of the headphones. Subjectively, that separation seems even more considerable.

Listening to Trust from one of George Duke’s latest albums, Amiron Home separates each instrument for maximum listen-ability without any harshness. There’s a hint of warmth lacking in the lower-mid range, a minor flaw that might lead one to conclude that the headphone output is a little on the cold side… but the sound isn’t cold, just true to the source. These headphones neither add nor remove any element. They don’t round off corners or embellish the result, qualities that let you turn up the volume for more listening comfort without damaging your ears, enjoying even the smallest details of each recording.

The pros:
Large soundstage
Quality manufacturing
Beauty of timbre in the midrange
Optional balanced cabling
Long listening sessions without fatigue

The cons:
Bass frequencies not deep enough
Sound leakage could be improved


Beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones fully deserve their reputation, and all the awards that go with it. If you’ve been wondering what audiophile headphones can look, feel and sound like, “hear” is your answer. Offering straightforward sonic reproduction, lean and dry in the bass without any aggression in the mid-range, Amiron headphones elegantly reproduce what they receive. The open concept creates a broad soundstage that makes headphone limitations a thing of the past. Ideal separation of vocals and every instrument allows the listener to follow and experience every element, all thanks to the cable included. You can also try the balanced connection with the optional Beyerdynamic cable, or any other model, opening up the aural space even more while still defining the separation. Finally, Amiron Home delivers comfort thanks to a headband and ear cups offering excellent support and fit without squeezing the head or smothering the ears. These headphones are highly recommended, offering one of the best possible choices in their price range.