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Red Pill, Verbal Kent and Apollo Brown are Ugly Heroes!

By Barry Moore | Video of the Day | July 26, 2016

Motor City will never be beat! After living through the huge depression and ensuing crisis of 2013, Detroit is finally seeing better days and reclaiming its strut. Plus, its music scene is still thriving, as always. Ugly Heroes is yet another notable newborn from the American city of cars, and its members are made of steel: rappers Red Pill and Verbal Kent (two well-established MCs enjoying the highs of hip hop careers) have joined forces with the producer Apollo Brown (Ghostface Killah...). Whatever anyone else may say, Everything In Between, which was released a couple of weeks ago by Hello Music Group, is an excellent album, the kind of album where every song counts and that you can listen to over and over again without getting bored. The production is refined, never tempted towards the overly aggressive. The bass is voluptuous, resonant, swimming in soul. It's powerful and sometimes orchestral, using strings and piano, inviting an emotional response. Far from traditional rap, Ugly Heroes won't be buoyed into the mainstream and stay true to their own inspirations. Detroit Strong.

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