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Almeeva Arlines

By Barry Moore |

The minimalist voyage by Gregory Hoepffner...

Gregory Hoepffner, aka Almeeva, may well say that he makes "highway ride" music, but we still want to go with him. With that kind of tagline, the young inFiné graduate is no doubt referencing the journey/countryside aspects of his electro that it conjures up. It's an electro that sits on the line between minimalism and reverb-heavy melody, with sometimes a guitar thrown in. His new EP - Oblite - isn't dull though, and even goes as far as to cover There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by the Smiths! In fact, throughout Oblite, Almeeva takes himself for a bit of a painter, illustrating a journey through his electro that builds on his initial standout EP 4 Bells. You'll be hooked.

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