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Time to open up chakras with Jason Mraz !

By Anna Coluthe |

Following a four-year-long hiatus, Jason Mraz presents his sixth album.

Know remains faithful to the modern and sunny pop folk he’s been known for since his early days.

However, this opus is by far his most sincere. After discovering Buddhism in Myanmar, many things have resounded in the mind of the two-time Grammy Award winning singer. Sharing, giving and many other positive thoughts: a myriad of wholesome vibes have influenced Mraz’s creativity. Supported by David Hodges and other long-time collaborators, this new project ventures in an enticing pop direction. A romantic duo with Meghan Trainor on More Than Friends, a dreamy folk ballad with Sleeping to Dream, sensational and catchy pop with Have It All or dancing and rhythmic pop on Might As Well Dance: Mraz is all the rage once again.


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