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Qobuzissime Special! Tash Sultana: Terra Firma

By Charlotte Saintoin |

Make no mistake about it. Behind its mystical cover worthy of a progressive rock band from the 70s, Terra Firma hides the unclassifiable second album from Tash Sultana.

Natasha is one of those who started early and alone. At the age of three, her father gave her her first guitar. As a teenager, she roamed the streets of her native Melbourne. Then she conquered the rest of the world in 2016 with the 70 million views for Jungle, the result of her prolific bedroom sessions which she broadcast on YouTube. After three EPs on her own label Lonely Lands, the young Australian released Flow State in the summer of 2018, a pop-soul patchwork from her youth on which she played all the instruments (she has mastered about twenty of them) using loops and effect pedals, her trademark. Since then, she's been filling stadiums and an appearing on front covers, like Rolling Stone magazine with whom she talked about the Stratocaster TC Signature dedicated to her by Fender.

"Terra firma is the ground and the earth, you put your feet on it to remember where you are, where you come from," says the woman who plans to turn her dazzling success into a long-term career. Further raising the bar, Tash Sultana takes care of the musical arrangement, with the production of her records entrusted in part to Matt Corby. This can be heard from the off with the instrumental Musk, whose lustrous guitars, groovy sax, and catchy bass pave the way for the following 14 tracks that oscillate between soul, R'n'B, funk, folk and suave pop.

To arrive at this rich, well-balanced, hypnotic but never redundant blend, which she sees as "a meeting between Aretha Franklin, Bon Iver, John Mayer and others", Tash has had to surround herself with other talented musicians. Thus, we find the rapper Jerome Farah (Willow Tree) and Josh Cashman (Dream My Life Away), both from Melbourne. A masterstroke, at only 25 years old.


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