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Greatest Hits - The White Stripes

By Charlotte Saintoin |

It was about time. Separated since 2011, Jack and Meg White offer the first retrospective of their careers.

At the dawn of the new millennium, from Detroit, the duo had rocked the world of rock with blues guitars and a naïve percussion style. A raw sound, drawn from the roots of blues, worked on at Big Muff, recorded in record time in search of a lost truth, rather like Jack's work as an upholsterer.

The flashbacks begin quite naturally with Let's Shake Hands, their very first recording, ending with Jack's pride and joy: Seven Nation Army. "A piece becoming public property is actually the greatest compliment you could pay a songwriter." And into the big gap between them, this Greatest Hits manages to pack in many gems hewn by The White Stripes across six studio albums and one live album. From their first album, dedicated to Son House, to their swan song captured on stage Under Great White Northern Lights in 2010, we find the indispensable Astro, Hotel Yorba, Fell in Love with a Girl, the Beatles-inspired pop nursery rhyme Apple Blossom and the cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

A flawless course steered between blues and country, the spontaneous Jack has succeeded in making time stand still, leaving behind a formula which shall stand the tests of other artists yet to come.


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