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Everything going right for Bombay Bicycle Club

The London band's fifth studio album is here, after a six-year gap since the previous one and a hiatus that lasted between 2016 and 2019.

By Clotilde Maréchal | Video of the Day | January 22, 2020

Despite the five years of silence which separated Everything Else Has Gone Wrong from its predecessor So Long, See You Tomorrow, the formal beauty of Bombay Bicycle Club’s kaleidoscopic pop music has remained intact. This fifth album certainly has the aura of a cosy, fresh, multi coloured cocoon, with influences from all around the world.

The feeling of well-being is felt in every corner of this fifth album from the London band, that have sometimes been compared to Vampire Weekend.

Since their beginnings, the members of Bombay Bicycle Club have always excelled at jumping from one genre to the other, just as comfortable with classic indie rock as they are with folk music, psych pop and even synth pop.

With airtight choruses, a production style which always feels original (Texan John Congleton, a previous collaborator of St. Vincent’s, was in the studio with them) and a perfect mix of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments as well as expertly executed vocal harmonies, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is the culmination of fifteen years of experience from a group which appears to be more important than one might think.


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