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Andy Shauf walks into a bar...

... and delivers a new masterpiece of intimate folk-pop in a way the Saskatchewan artist knows best.

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | January 26, 2020

In 2016, Andy Shauf gave us The Party, a great work of shimmering intimate pop. That third opus from the timid Canadian was touching and precise, and notably brought fans of the late Elliott Smith some astounding and meticulous melodies, like Harry Nilsson, Dean Friedman and Paul Simon were prone to doing in the 1970s.

Four years later, the songwriter does not appear to have left the cosy confines of that boudoir, this time with added folk guitars. The timeless and classic atmosphere of The Neon Skyline does however revolve around a whole new concept: eleven songs telling the story of a night spent with friends in a bar called The Neon Skyline.

Introspection, sadness, friendship, love, anecdotes… there is certainly scope for the subject matter to be hackneyed, yet Shauf sculpts an intimate and perfect symphony. The surface level simplicity of The Neon Skyline is swept away by the beauty of melodies and his unique way of speaking about separation, addiction and mistakes with smart compassion. A real craftsman’s work.


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