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An Album Inspired by the Greats!

By Marc Zisman |

In a way, Aaron Lee Tasjan is the Tom Petty/Jeff Lyne connection of rock'n'roll. That is, a literary sort, fully steeped in 60s influences...

In 2016, the album Silver Tears introduced a gifted artist with an impeccable work that navigated between contrary folk, country rock, sunny pop and soft rock. The album, by the Nashville-based Ohioan, was influenced by such tasteful people and experts in melody as Tom Petty, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, James Taylor, Eric Carmen's Raspberries, Ric Ocasek's Cars and Willie Nelson.

A little piano here, some guitar arpeggios there and in particular, sweet and often irresistible choruses. Two years later, Karma for Cheap with its catchy melodies and bewitching guitars, represents more of a step towards the Beatles... More McCartney than Lennon, Tasjan is ploughing the Petty/Lyne furrow (think The Traveling Wilburys) again on Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!. But now that the lad has developed some experience, his historic obsessions tend to fuel his creativity rather than hold it back.

Above all, this 2021 offering sounds very 2021! With these even more careful, masterly compositions, Aaron Lee Tasjan has surpassed his previous albums. On Another Lonely Day, with its whiff of Elliott Smith, he brings his personal concerns up to date. An album with a classic feel, that never smells like mothballs or dust. Quite the opposite!


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