Tango - Released September 13, 2005 | Nonesuch

Distinctions The Qobuz Ideal Discography
Of all his recordings, Tango: Zero Hour is the album that the great reformer of Argentinean tango was the most proud of. The one in which he threw all his soul, offering it to his grandchildren saying: “Here’s what we did with our lives! Here’s how complex we were”. In 1986, weary of recording tracks in a hurry for producers, the bandoneonist and composer used his fresh but trustworthy relationship with Kip Hanrahan, a Latin jazz musician and director from New York, to work on the album of his dreams. Tango: Zero Hour. According to Piazzolla, the first sixty minutes past midnight represent the ultimate end and absolute beginning, and inspired him, as such, for one of the most refined and admirable works of his career. This time, each partition was carefully polished and memorised in every detail by his faithful musicians of Quinteto Tango Nuevo. Violinist Fernando Suárez Paz, pianist Pablo Ziegler, guitarist Horacio Malvicino and double bassist Hector Console had been playing together with Piazzolla for seven years. At that point, they were at one with his revolutionary tango. Each sentence, each sound, were played and placed at the exact spot, in the exact manner designed by the master. But this watchmaking-worthy perfection of execution didn’t prevent the work from exhaling emotion and sensuality. There are masterpieces for which superlatives lack, and a single listen of Tango: Zero Hour places it among them. © BM/Qobuz