Asia - Released December 8, 2017 | Shreds Records

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Peemaï (happy new year in Lao) offers a brand new experience at the world crossroads. There’s a nice amount of jazz, the common experience of these four musicians, improvised music, prog rock and electro touches and above all a free and contemporary reading of the Molam Lao, where David and Alfred Vilayleck come from, respectively a guitarist and a bass player. With them, we find saxophonist and keyboard player Hughes Mayot, whose impressive experience (André Minvielle, Magma, the Orchestre National de Jazz, Orlando Poleo and Catherine Ringer) indicates an exceptional openness that could also be said of the career of drummer Franck Vaillant (Lo Jo, D’ de Kabal, Arthur H and Magic Malik). Within Peemaï, everyone makes an equally important contribution. All of them composers, they shared the arrangements equally. Once the repertoire was refined, they held their first concert in Vientiane, Laos’ Capital. For the recording, they also completed their efforts through the intervention of a producer and musicians from Laos (male and female singing, khene mouth organ and percussion). All of those ingredients, to which Laotian sound landscapes are added, are harmonically mastered and take you on a most stimulating journey. © BM/Qobuz