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Alexander Chapman Campbell

A pianist with a performance style that's restrained yet expressive, some of Alexander Chapman Campbell's melancholy compositions for solo piano have taken inspiration from the physical landscapes of the North Sea. He emerged with his debut album, Ten Sketches of Light, in 2013. At the age of 19, Campbell moved from the Central Lowlands of his native Scotland to northern Moray Firth to work on his first album. He self-released the resulting Ten Sketches of Light, and after getting support from online radio in 2013, the record was reissued by Decca as Sketches of Light the following year. Campbell released Portraits of Earth independently in 2016, returning with his third album, Journey to Nidaros, in 2018. It was inspired by a trip across Norway by himself. His first release for Signum Records, the EP Contemplations, followed in 2019.
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