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Seth Lakeman - A Pilgrim's Tale (Narrated by Paul McGann)

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A Pilgrim's Tale (Narrated by Paul McGann)

Seth Lakeman

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A Pilgrim's Tale (Narrated by Paul McGann)

Seth Lakeman

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Watch Out (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:04:42
Pilgrim Brother (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:04:25
Westward Bound (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:04:16
A Pilgrim's Warning (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:05:07
Sailing Time (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:03:09
The Great Iron Screw (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:04:05
Dear Isle of England (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:03:53
Saints and Strangers (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:03:26
Foreign Man (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:03:42
Bury Nights (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:03:47
The Digging Song (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:03:58
Mayflower Waltz (Narrated by Paul McGann) 00:02:57

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