A 46-track-strong box set of music recorded between 1987 and 2019 highlights the post-Roger Waters era of the British band...

What a surprise! After the compilation The Later Years: 1987-2019, here comes the rest of the huge box set dedicated to the Pink Floyd's David Gilmour-era music, kick started by the departure of Roger Waters.

The Later Years follows on from the retrospective which focuses on The Early Years (1967-1972) of the British band, released in 2016.

Pink Floyd’s The Later Years Revealed Part 1: David Gilmour Discusses ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’

Pink Floyd

Remastered by Gilmour and Andy Jackson, this exciting collection features the whole of A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987), the band’s first studio album without Waters, as well as a double live disc of Delicate Sound of Thunder from 1988.

Pink Floyd’s The Later Years Revealed Part 2: David Gilmour Discusses Astoria Recording Studio

Pink Floyd

Finally, the fourth volume reveals five live tracks, including three flamboyant performances from Pink Floyd’s first iteration: One of These Days from Meddle (1971) in Hanover in 1994, the psychedelic Astronomy Domine composed by Syd Barrett for The Piper at the Gate of Dawn (1967) and performed in Miami in the same year, as well as Run Like Hell from The Wall (1979) performed in Atlanta in 1987.

Pink Floyd’s The Later Years Revealed Part 3: Re-Editing 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder'

Pink Floyd

Even more gems from The Later Years: seven unheard tracks from 1994, from the Division Bell era. Superb.


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