Throughout his life and over the course of his fifty-year career, Johnny Cash released heaps of albums - he must have passed the hundred mark by far. And since his death in 2003, it's still going strong. Unreleased records, live recordings, rearranged songs....

With this album, first released in 2018, it's a little different. It is a setting to music of Cash's unreleased lyrics sung by other artists. Johnny Cash, after all, not only made an incredible number of recordings, but he composed a lot more and left a whole collection of notebooks to his heirs. In this extended version of The Music Forever Words, only available in the digital version, we meet {Kris Kristofferson }, Elvis Costello, The Jayhawks, John Mellencamp, Marty Stuart, Rosanne Cash, T Bone Burnett, Jewel and Robert Glasper, and that's just the most famous among them. The casting is as multi-faceted as the settings.

Johnny Cash, Various Artists - Johnny Cash: Forever Words Expanded (Album Trailer)


The lyrics are the only raw material and no one pretends to play like Johnny Cash. All these songs, however, sprout from the soil of a sober and elegant country-folk sound. In other words, acoustic tuning like in the old days, like folk music that has always been heard in Appalachia. Costello and Glasper are an exception because they play in their own way. The second kind of raw material (if you can call it that) is Johnny Cash's typical emotion and earnestness, perfectly rendered here. Two more editions of songs, planned for February and April 2021, will complete this beautiful collection.


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