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Zilo applies her reflective lyrics and casually soulful vocals to beats from collaborators favoring a mix of dusty hip-hop and dream pop. The alternative R&B artist has issued numerous singles along with a couple albums, The Nature of the Beast (2018) and Gorgeous (2019). Having expressed herself with painting, as well as through writing poems and stories, London native Zilo began to write songs as a young adult, motivated by the dazed, atmospheric productions of Dream Koala. A few years later, she started releasing independent recordings, debuting in 2017 with "Know That I Want You," a single that led to the full-length The Nature of the Beast the next year. After an EP of remixes from Emmavie, ESTA., and Osmo, Zilo quickly followed up with the 2019 LP Gorgeous. She entered the next decade with another single, "I Don't Wanna Go Outside," a collaboration with Insightful.
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