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Short for Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja, X.Y.R. is an ambient solo project of Russian musician Vladimir Karpov. Utilizing analog synthesizers, looping devices, effects pedals, and field recordings, Karpov creates bubbling, softly rhythmic soundscapes perfect for extended inward journeys. While relaxed, gentle, and pleasant, there's also a hint of loneliness to his work, evoking visions of being stranded on a desert island (or in the Arctic, in the case of 2014's Arktika). Karpov previously participated in Cherepovets-based experimental group 2muchachos before debuting X.Y.R. with 2012's Robinson Crusoe (Lost Soundtrack), released by Singapore Sling Tapes. Karpov relocated to St. Petersburg and issued cassettes on Constellation Tatsu and Illuminated Paths, in addition to digital releases. Los Angeles-based Not Not Fun Records released X.Y.R.'s tape Mental Journey to B.C. near the end of 2015. The label then released his vinyl debut, Labyrinth, in 2017, along with a companion cassette called Reflections.
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