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Slow Steve

Slow Steve is the alliterative pseudonym of singer and multi-instrumentalist Rémi Letournelle. Originally a duo formed by Letournelle and Charley Vecten in 2012, Slow Steve was set aside briefly as Letournelle, a Frenchman based in Berlin, found demand as a co-writer and sideman for German experimental pop outfit Fenster. Working with another Fenster collaborator, producer Tadklimp, Letournelle eventually put together a six-track EP, Steps, which was released by Morr Music as Slow Steve's debut in 2015. Inspired by works of 20th century science fiction, both visual and aural (including film scores), Letournelle rounded up vintage synths among his synth-pop arsenal for Slow Steve's full-length debut, Adventures. Recorded in Rotterdam and Berlin, again with Tadklimp, it arrived via Morr Music in May 2016.
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