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Oceans Of Slumber

Employing a lethal blend of progressive rock, death/doom/groove metal, and psychedelia, Texas-based rockers Oceans of Slumber draw from a wide range of influences. Formed in 2011 around the talents of drummer Dobber Beverly (Insect Warfare), keyboardist Uaeb Yelsaeb, bass player Keegan Kelly, guitarists Sean Gary and Anthony Contreras, and soulful frontwoman Cammie Gilbert, the multifaceted Houstonites released their debut LP, Aetherial, independently in 2013. The album eventually caught the ear of Century Media, who signed the band shortly thereafter. Oceans of Slumber's first outing for the label, 2015's Blue EP, saw the group offering up an eclectic set of covers that included songs by Pink Floyd, Candlemass, and Led Zeppelin. Winter, the band's second studio long-player, followed in early 2016. As time passed their sound became more aggressive, with their third album, 2018's The Banished Heart, acting as a precursor to their blistering eponymous fifth album, which arrived in a timely manner to match the growing social unrest around the globe.
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