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Neil Young

There are not many people who have made such a long journey across eras and styles without their fans' devotion waning at all... Like David Bowie, Neil Young is one of those artists whose talent transcends genres and fashions. From dreamy folk to furious, cataclysmic rock, the Canadian singer-songwriter has mastered his art from end to end. But it is surely his writing that sets him apart as an artist. A real personality on the rock scene, he has been venerated by old hippies, budding punks, and cowboy rebels. Neil Young has found the perfect alloy of rock'n'roll, country, blues and folk.

Clearly, his golden age is now somewhat behind him; most of his masterpieces were recorded in the ‘70s (After the Gold Rush in 1970, Harvest in 1972, Time Fades Away in 1973, On The Beach in 1974, Tonight’s The Night and Zuma in 1975 and Rust Never Sleeps in 1979). But all the same, he retains a certain artistic standard, and a quality of writing which has made every release noteworthy. Solo, with his old accomplices Crosby, Stills and Nash, or with his furious group Crazy Horse, the Loner (as his fans have dubbed him) has always been an ambassador for rock rooted in American soil. And that's what you'd call a legend, isn't it?

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