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Mind Over Mirrors

Under the name Mind Over Mirrors, Jaime Fennelly (formerly of experimental noise rock trio Peeesseye) creates immersive, meditative drones from a distorted Indian harmonium, pulsating analog synthesizers, and a multitude of electronic effects. His compositions are warm, vibrant, and emotional, and clearly sound shaped by human hands in real time rather than programmed. The project began while Fennelly was living on an island located in the Salish Sea of Washington during the late 2000s. He debuted the project in early 2011 with a cassette on Gift Tapes, High & Upon, and an LP on Digitalis, The Voice Rolling. Several releases came in 2012, including an LP on Hands in the Dark (Check Your Swing), a 7" single on Dirty Knobby (Near Your Dwelling), a limited tape on Digitalis (Small Portion), and a vinyl reissue of High & Upon, courtesy of Aguirre Records. The year 2013 saw the release of Mind Over Mirrors' most acclaimed work yet, the excellent When the Rest Are Up at Four on Immune Recordings. In 2014, Fennelly began collaborating with Circuit des Yeux (Chicago-based experimental folk artist Haley Fohr). The two toured together and recorded a full-length, The Voice Calling. Immune released the album on cassette in early 2015, followed by a vinyl release later in the year. In 2017, Mind Over Mirrors signed to folk label Paradise of Bachelors and released Undying Color, a full-band effort featuring Fohr, Janet Bean of Freakwater, Jim Becker of Califone, and percussionist Jon Mueller. Most of that album's cast contributed to Bellowing Sun, an ambitious song cycle three years in the making. The album was released by Paradise of Bachelors in 2018, and the work was premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago on the day of the album's release.
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