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Occupying a similar stylistic space to hometown contemporaries Joywave, indie electronic band KOPPS emerged from Rochester, New York in 2011. Led by singer/percussionist Patricia Patrón, the band also includes keyboardist/guitarist Kyle O'Hara, bassist Travis Johansen, and drummer Andrew York. Joywave did a remix of their early single "L.A. Lights" in 2012, kicking off a series of collaborations, with Joywave soon appearing on "Morning Sex" from KOPPS' 2012 debut EP, Fuck Jams. The following year, KOPPS was featured on Joywave's single "Tongues" and released an eponymous EP full of more in-your-face electro indie rock. Among the tracks was the Daniel Armbruster-produced single "Dumb," a song that went viral with its playful, one-word chorus. It was also included on the band's next EP, The Sounds of Music, issued by Cultco Sound in 2015. KOPPS continued to put out songs like the holiday tune "Is This Christmas?" and "Baby I'm Dead Inside" before featuring Joywave once again on "Hott," which saw release in early 2018.
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