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Khan & Walker

Two of the leading artists from the early- to late-'90s Cologne techno explosion, Khan (born Can Oral, and not to be confused with his brother Cam Oral, aka Jammin' Unit) and Dr. Walker (born Ingmar Koch) collaborated on a few releases in the mid- to late '90s as Khan & Walker. The two first collaborated as Global Electronic Network in 1994, releasing the Times Square 12" on Mille Plateaux, and followed with a few more releases for the label, including two full-lengths in 1995, Rolleiflex Weltron Time Square (MP 10) and Electronic Desert (MP 14). By this time, the two were quite well-known on their own as Khan and Dr. Walker, respectively, so they began recording as Khan & Dr. Walker beginning with the Radiowaves full-length for Rising High in 1995 (RSN 32). Other releases followed, including the Schleichfahrt full-length for Disko B in late 1996 (DB 37); however, by the late '90s the collaborations came to a close. Khan had moved to New York City in 1992 and Walker remained in Germany, making collaborations somewhat impersonal and problematic; plus, both artists became quite popular on their own, releasing mostly solo releases rather than collaborations.
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