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Kaito is the most well-known alias of Berklee College of Music graduate Hiroshi Watanabe (aka King Street, Nite System, Oxygen Music Works, Quadra, Tread, 32 Project), a Japanese producer and DJ who spun at New York clubs Twilo and Tunnel & Speed, and held a residency at Save the Robots. As Kaito, Watanabe produced tracks that the brain trust at Cologne's Kompakt label dubbed nu-trance. Combining early-'90s trance elements with the sensibilities of a deep house producer, Watanabe issued a trio of Kaito 12" singles during 2001 and 2002 prior to the full-length Special Life, a compilation of those tracks with some added material, in September 2002. An ambient edition titled Special Love followed four months later. Hundred Million Light Years, the second proper Kaito album, was released in March 2006, and was trailed six month later by the beat-less version, Hundred Million Love Years. After he mixed highlights for the Japan-only A Moment for the Life, he returned in September 2009 with Trust, and then the next April with Trust Less. Four years passed prior to the fourth proper Kaito album, Until the End of Time, which was issued on Kompakt in October 2013.
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