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Jeremiah Fraites

Musician, composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Fraites is best known as the co-founder of the platinum-selling indie folk trio the Lumineers, who rose to multi-platinum success in the early 2010s. In 2021, Fraites released his debut solo album, a collection of instrumentals called Piano Piano. Born and raised in Ramsey, New Jersey, Fraites was drawn to music from a very young age. His fondness for piano led him first to Beethoven, and later, with help from his older brother Joshua, his tastes expanded to include rock music, especially Guns N' Roses and Pink Floyd. Joshua died of a heroin overdose when Fraites was just 15, and music became his healing well. His creativity and musicianship blossomed at college, where he spent every chance he could get utilizing the university's practice piano rooms. After graduating, Fraites and longtime friend Wesley Schultz relocated to Denver, where they met cellist Neyla Pekarek. Operating under the moniker the Lumineers, the trio went mainstream in 2012 on the strength of the international hit "Hey Ho," and quickly became one of the leading lights of the indie folk movement. With their energetic live shows and winning blend of rock, folk, and Americana, they continued to find success over the next several years. In 2020, Fraites announced that he would be releasing an album of original instrumentals that he had written primarily for piano. Warm, evocative, and deeply felt, the resulting Piano Piano was released the following year.
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