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Fly Rich Double

Merging the Southern styles of country and hip-hop, Mississippi-bred rapper Fly Rich Double bridges the farm and the trap house with his fun-loving anthems and affable nature. A self-proclaimed "trap cowboy," he emerged in the late 2010s with the underground hit novelty "Yup on My Tractor," which led to a fleshed-out debut, 2019's The Hickhop Album. Born JaMichael Robinson in rural Batesville, Mississippi, he grew up in a place where the farm was more familiar than the city. Influenced by Drake, 50 Cent, and Eminem, he originally had no intention of becoming a musician, leaving a job in fast food when his career unexpectedly took off with the success of his 2018 breakout hit "Yup on My Tractor." Arriving before Lil Nas X became the face of the subgenre, the single was released just for fun, but it ended up changing Robinson's life. With a thick country drawl, he rapped about tractors, cheap beer, and boots, blending common country music tropes with language more typical of hardcore rap and exchanging "horses in the back" for "a bowl full of Froot Loops" on singles like "Big Boom." Though tongue-in-cheek, he sought to prove himself beyond any perceived parody, balancing tracks like "Beer, Banjos & Boobies" from his 2019 debut EP, The Hickhop Album, with thoughtful material like "Firefly." In 2020, he released the single "Strategy," which leaned more heavily toward traditional rap.
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