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Electribe 101

This electro-dance band featured the voice of vocalist Billie Ray Martin (b. Hamburg, Germany). She moved to Berlin in the hope of setting up a R&B band with 60s Motown Records influences. However, following several unsuccessful attempts she moved to London in 1985. Two years later, she met Joe Stevens, Les Fleming, Rob Cimarosti and Brian Nordhoff and formed Electribe 101. Their first two singles, ‘Tell Me When The Fever Ended’ and ‘Talking With Myself’, were instant hits with the acid house generation and Martin’s voice drew comparisons to Marlene Dietrich and Aretha Franklin. Despite the acclaim, Electribe 101 broke up shortly afterwards, with Martin pursuing a solo career, while the others formed Groove Corporation. Martin’s ‘Your Loving Arms’, taken from Deadline For My Memories, was a major club hit and went on to reach number 6 in the UK charts in May 1995.
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