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Dandy Jack

Dandy Jack is closely associated with Frankfurt-based experimental ambient and techno artists such as Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck, Atom Heart, and Pete Namlook. Originally of Santiago, Chile, Dandy Jack relocated to Frankfurt in the late '80s, where he began releasing solo and collaborative works on Pod, Geometrik, Fax, and, most recently, Atom Heart's Rather Interesting label. His first 12-inch appeared on Pod under the name Gon, a hard techno single recorded with Atom Heart. His more recent Fax releases -- two albums with Victor Sol as XJacks, and the Namlook collaboration Amp -- have perhaps earned him the widest recognition, but his finest work to date has appeared under his own name on Rather Interesting: the experimental house groover Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers and Dandy Jack and the Plastic Woman, the latter a mix of fizzy ambient, heavily syncopated electro, and jazzy, experimental electronica. Dandy Jack also performed live as a part of Atom Heart's Lassigue Bendthaus band during their "Render" tour, and has appeared on Rather Interesting's Real Intelligence compilation and Geometrik's Electronic Generators.
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