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Corrina Repp

Specializing in sparse, fragile songs that favor the electric guitar, singer/songwriter Corrina Repp emerged from the music scene of Portland, Oregon in the late '90s. After releasing her fourth album, 2006's The Absent and the Distant, she focused on the indie rock band Tu Fawning (2007-2012) before reviving her solo career with The Pattern of Electricity in 2015. Repp has also acted in films and on television, including a recurring role on IFC's Portlandia. Settling in the Pacific Northwest after frequent childhood relocations, Repp began her career as a musician thanks to a part-time job. While selling band merchandise online, she connected with the Decemberists, who were so impressed by her songs that they recommended her to Hush Records. The label released her debut album, A Boat Called Hope, in 1998. The CD-R EP The Other of Mud materialized a year later. Repp followed up with the albums I Take on Your Days in 2001 and It's Only the Future in 2004, both on Hush. After touring with the Decemberists, M. Ward, and Cat Power, among others, Repp released The Absent and the Distant on Mark Kozelek's Caldo Verde label in 2006. Putting her solo career on hold, Repp and musician Joe Haege formed the band Tu Fawning with Toussaint Perrault and Liza Reitz in 2007. They released a pair of albums for the City Slang label (2010's Hearts on Hold and 2012's A Monument) and toured throughout the U.S. and Europe. After Tu Fawning disbanded in late 2012, Repp took on several acting roles in small independent films and appeared on multiple episodes of the popular Portland-based sketch-comedy show Portlandia. In 2015, she resumed her solo career with her fifth LP, The Pattern of Electricity. It arrived via Caldo Verde. A joint release between sonaBLAST! and Jealous Butcher Records, How a Fantasy Will Kill Us All, followed in 2018.
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