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Closer Musik

Closer Musik is the tech-house duo of Chile native Matias Aguayo and the suave Dirk Leyers. Prior to hooking up, Aguayo's own work as a producer came to light thanks to his collaboration with M. Mayer as Zimt on the Ladomat 2000 label. In May of 2000, Aguayo and Leyers made their recorded debut with the somber vocal tech-house 12" One, Two, Three (No Gravity) on Cologne, Germany's Kompakt label. Along with Dettinger, Jonas Bering, and Tobias Thomas, Aguayo and Leyers were featured as part of the Kompakt showcase at Montreal, Quebec's Mutek festival in 2001; their track "Piraten" appeared on the Mutek 2001 compilation CD. Their debut album, After Love, appeared on Kompakt in April of 2002.
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