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Isfar Sarabski: "I created compositions as I experienced the world."

By Marc Zisman |

An interview with Azeri pianist Isfar Sarabski following the release of Planet, a Qobuzissime first album made up of jazz with multiple influences, both folkloric and classical...

Is Isfar Sarabski the "Azeri Tigran"? No. The Baku pianist is far from being a photocopy of his Armenian colleague. Of course, he comes from "the East", listens to more than just jazz, and has certainly been influenced by the folk music of his ancestors... But Isfar Sarabski is very much his own artist with his own identity. His first album Planet (a Qobuzissime!) is jazz to the bone both in its approach to improvisation and the exchanges that Sarabski develops with his impeccable rhythm section, composed of two American aces: drummer Mark Guiliana and double bassist Alan Hampton, as well as the way Sarabski integrates space into the music. In an interview from his Baku studio, Isfar Sarabski talks about his new album, Planet, and his passion for electronic music.