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Jimi Tenor: Deep Sound Learning

By Smaël Bouaici |

Download or stream Deep Sound Learning (1993-2000) by Jimi Tenor in 16-Bit CD quality on Qobuz!

A prolific producer, Jimi Tenor revealed himself to the world with his iconoclastic 1994 hit, "Take Me Baby", which fell somewhere between crooner song and techno siren, allowing him to start his adventure with legendary Sheffield-based label, Warp Records, on which he would release about fifteen albums/maxis (including 1999’s essential Organism) in under five years. He flooded the label with DATs, carefully stored in the offices, as it was obviously impossible to release everything. Twenty years later, the Hamburg label Bureau B, which specialises in reissuing and exhuming archives, has recovered theses tapes and compiled 19 unreleased tracks for this record following 2020’s NY, Hel, Barca, a release which has already allowed us to explore the Finn’s early works.

Deep Sound Learning showcases the whole range of Jimi Tenor’s influences, whose talent as an instrumentalist has pushed his interest in styles that other electronic producers would never even think of exploring. He mixes house and exotica ("Exotic House of the Beloved"), dub and jazz ("Pablo's Dub"), jazz and hip-hop ("Heinola"), as well as taking a glance at Prince ("O-Sex") and trying his hand at cosmic funk ("Travellers Cape"). Through all this his natural talent for finding unexpected combinations of ideas shines through. An extraordinary artist for sure.


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