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Westbam And The Love Committee

Maximilan Lenz, aka Westbam, is a German DJ who has become a key figure in the techno music scene in his homeland. He learned to play the guitar, drums and synthesiser as a young man and for a while performed punk rock as Frank Xerox. He had stints with Andreas Bleckmann in Anormal Null and Kriegsschauplatz, which broke up in the early 1980s. As a DJ, he garnered attention at Berlin's Love Parade rave parties and set up a rave called Mayday. After releasing several tracks including 'The Roof Is On Fire/And Party', which went to number nine on Billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart in 1991, he released his debut album 'Cabinet'.

He has released several electronic albums since then including 'Bam Bam Bam' (1994), 'We'll Never Stop Living This Way' (1999), 'Super DJ Mix: Elektro Pogi Jam' (2003), 'Do You Believe in the Westworld' (2005) and 'Götterstrasse' (2013), which feature contributions from Iggy Pop, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. He has also collaborated with Red Jerry, Love Committee and Bernard Sumner and in 2019 he released an album titled 'The Risky Sets!!!'.
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