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Various Artists|Lady Sings The Blues

Lady Sings The Blues

Various Artists

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Lady Sings The Blues

Various Artists

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Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Single Version)
Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald, MainArtist - Louis Armstrong, MainArtist - Gus Kahn, Author - Milt Gabler, Producer - Wilbur Schwandt, Composer - Fabian Andre, ComposerLyricist - Sy Oliver's Orchestra, Orchestra

℗ 1950 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Someone To Watch Over Me
Keely Smith

George Gershwin, Composer - Ira Gershwin, Author - NELSON RIDDLE, Conductor, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Keely Smith, MainArtist - Voyle Gilmore, Producer - Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra, Orchestra

℗ 1959 Capitol Records, LLC

I'm A Fool To Want You
Dinah Washington

Quincy Jones, Conductor - Frank Sinatra, ComposerLyricist - Jack Wolf, ComposerLyricist - Dinah Washington, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - The Dells, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Joel S. Herron, ComposerLyricist

℗ 1962 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Here's That Rainy Day
Nancy Wilson

Sid Feller, Conductor - Nancy Wilson, MainArtist - Johnny Burke, ComposerLyricist - Dave Cavanaugh, Producer - Jimmy Van Heusen, ComposerLyricist

℗ 1966 Capitol Records, LLC

Sarah Vaughan

George Gershwin, Composer - Ira Gershwin, Author - Dorothy Heyward, ComposerLyricist - Sarah Vaughan, MainArtist - Bob Shad, Producer - Harold Mooney And His Orchestra, Orchestra - Dubose Edwin Heyward, Author

℗ 1957 UMG Recordings, Inc.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Diana Krall

Diana Krall, Producer, Piano, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - John Clayton, AssociatedPerformer, Bass (Vocal) - Tommy Lipuma, Producer - Barry Gibb, ComposerLyricist - Robin Gibb, ComposerLyricist - Jeff Hamilton, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Anthony Wilson, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2009 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Baby I'm A Fool
Melody Gardot

Bruce Dukov, Concertmaster, AssociatedPerformer - Katia Popov, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Larry Corbett, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Joel Derouin, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Bernie Grundman, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Vince Mendoza, Conductor, String Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Robin Olson, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Al Schmitt, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - LARRY KLEIN, Producer - Natalie Leggett, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Roland Kato, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Steve Genewick, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Gary Foster, Orchestra Leader, AssociatedPerformer - Helik Hadar, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Darius Campo, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Liane Mautner, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Alma Fernandez, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Cecilia Tsan, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Kevin Connolly, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Roberto Cani, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Audrey Solomon, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Nico Abondolo, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Samuel Formicola, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Drew Dembowski, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer - David Walther, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Christina Soule, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Miran Kojian, Violin, AssociatedPerformer - Ken Pendergast, Bass Guitar, Musical Director, AssociatedPerformer - Melody Gardot, Guitar, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Joe Soldo, Orchestra Contractor, AssociatedPerformer - Charlie Patierno, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Amy Shulma, Harp, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2009 Universal Classics & Jazz

Carry On
Norah Jones

Tom Elmhirst, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Norah Jones, Producer, Piano, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Ted Tuthill, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Eli Wolf, Producer - Vicente Archer, Upright Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Brian Blade, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Dr. Lonnie Smith, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Pete Remm, Hammond B3, AssociatedPerformer - Cameron Alexander, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Joe Visciano, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Brandon Bost, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Owen Mulholland, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Sarah Oda, Producer, Co-Producer - Jeff Citron, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2016 Blue Note Records

A Sunday Kind Of Love
Etta James

Barbara Belle, ComposerLyricist - Anita Leonard, ComposerLyricist - Stan Rhodes, ComposerLyricist - Louis Prima, ComposerLyricist - Riley Hampton, Conductor, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Etta James, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Leonard Chess, Producer - Phil Chess, Producer

℗ 1960 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Dance Me To The End Of Love
Madeleine Peyroux

Madeleine Peyroux, MainArtist - LARRY KLEIN, Producer - Leonard Cohen, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2004 Rounder Records Manufactured and distributed by Concord Music Group

At Last
Lou Rawls

Maurice Ravel, Composer - Dianne Reeves, MainArtist - Lou Rawls, MainArtist

℗ 1989 Blue Note Records

I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Bobbie Gentry

Burt Bacharach, ComposerLyricist - Hal David, ComposerLyricist - Bobbie Gentry, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Kelso Herston, Producer - Don Tweedy, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2007 Capitol Records, LLC

As Time Goes By
Peggy Lee

Quincy Jones, Conductor - Herman Hupfeld, ComposerLyricist - Peggy Lee, MainArtist - David Cavanaugh, Producer

℗ 1961 Capitol Records, LLC

Little Girl Blue
Nina Simone

Al Shackman, Guitar, Harmonica, AssociatedPerformer - Richard Rodgers, Composer - Lorenz Hart, Author - Nina Simone, Recording Arranger, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Hal Mooney, Producer - Rudy Stevenson, Flute, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Bobby Hamilton, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Lisle Atkinson, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1995 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Solitude (Single Version)
Billie Holiday

Duke Ellington, Composer - Billie Holiday, MainArtist - Irving Mills, Author - Milt Gabler, Producer - Bob Haggart, Conductor - Eddie Delange, Author

℗ 1947 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Sarah Vaughan

Quincy Jones, Conductor, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Johnny Burke, Author - Sarah Vaughan, MainArtist - Erroll Garner, Composer - Jack Tracy, Producer

℗ 1958 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Go Slow (Remastered)
Julie London

Robert Norberg, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Julie London, MainArtist - Ted Keep, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Simon Jackson, Producer - Russell Garcia, ComposerLyricist - Russ Garcia and His Orchestra, Orchestra - Ned Cronk, ComposerLyricist

℗ 1995 Capitol Records LLC

I Cry By Night (2002 - Remastered; 24 Bit Mastering)
Kay Starr

Roger Fisher, Composer - Robert Norberg, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Dave Cavanaugh, Producer - Van Alexander, Conductor - Kay Starr, MainArtist - JACK SEGAL, Composer

℗ 2002 Capitol Records, LLC

Don't Explain
Nina Simone

Billie Holiday, ComposerLyricist - Nina Simone, Vocals, Recording Arranger, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Arthur Herzog Jr., ComposerLyricist - Hal Mooney, Producer - Rudy Stevenson, Flute, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Bobby Hamilton, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Lisle Atkinson, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1966 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Lover Man
Sarah Vaughan

Joe Benjamin, AssociatedPerformer, Bass (Vocal) - Quincy Jones, Producer - ARTHUR FREED, ComposerLyricist - Gus Arnheim, ComposerLyricist - Sarah Vaughan, MainArtist - ABE LYMAN, ComposerLyricist - Bob Shad, Producer - Roy Haynes, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - John Malachi, Piano, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1954 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Love Me Or Leave Me
Billie Holiday

Walter Donaldson, ComposerLyricist - Red Callender, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Barney Kessel, Electric Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Billie Holiday, MainArtist - Gus Kahn, Author - Harry "Sweets" Edison, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - Chico Hamilton, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Bobby Tucker, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Willie Smith, Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Norman Granz, Producer

℗ 1956 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Black Coffee (Single Version)
Peggy Lee

Ed Shaughnessy, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Paul Francis Webster, ComposerLyricist - SONNY BURKE, ComposerLyricist - Peggy Lee, MainArtist - JIMMY ROWLES, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Cy Godfrey, Producer - Max Wayne, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Cootie Chesterfield, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1953 UMG Recordings, Inc.

I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson, MainArtist - Herbert Magidson, ComposerLyricist - Allie Wrubel, ComposerLyricist - Cannonball Adderley, MainArtist - Tom Morgan, Producer - Andy Wiswell, Producer

℗ 1961 Capitol Records, LLC

Cry Me A River
Julie London

Barney Kessel, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Julie London, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Bobby Troup, Producer - Arthur Hamilton, ComposerLyricist - Ray Leatherwood, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1955 Capitol Records, LLC

God Bless The Child (Single Version)
Billie Holiday

ROB MOUNSEY, Arranger, Work Arranger - Billie Holiday, Author - Gordon Jenkins, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Charles LaVere, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Nick Fatool, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Milt Gabler, Producer - Arthur Herzog Jr., Composer - Bob Bain, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra, MainArtist - Lou Butterman, Upright Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Dent Eckels, Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Rob Fahie, Adapter

℗ 1950 UMG Recordings, Inc.

September In The Rain
Sue Raney

AL DUBIN, Author - Harry Warren, Composer - Lee Gillette, Producer - Bob Norberg, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Sue Raney, MainArtist - Eddie Yelin, Producer

℗ 1960 Capitol Records, LLC

Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? (Single Version)
Ella Fitzgerald & Her Famous Orchestra

Chauncey Haughton, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Eddie Barefield, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Dick Vance, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - Ella Fitzgerald, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Taft Jordan, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - Clarence Williams, ComposerLyricist - Milt Gabler, Producer - Beverly Peer, Bass, AssociatedPerformer - George Matthews, Trombone, AssociatedPerformer - Roger Ramirez, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Charles Warfield , ComposerLyricist - Bill Beason, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Sandy Williams, Trombone, AssociatedPerformer - Ted McRae, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - John Trueheart, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Ella Fitzgerald & Her Famous Orchestra, MainArtist - Jack Kapp, Producer - Irving "Mouse" Randolph, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - John Haughton, Trombone, AssociatedPerformer - Sam Simmons, Tenor Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1940 UMG Recordings, Inc.

When A Woman Loves A Man (Single Version)
Dinah Washington

Johnny Mercer, ComposerLyricist - Bernie Hanighen, ComposerLyricist - Gordon Jenkins, ComposerLyricist - Dinah Washington, MainArtist - Gus Chappell Orchestra, FeaturedArtist

℗ 1946 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Looking For A Boy
June Christy

George Gershwin, Composer - Ira Gershwin, Composer - Bill Miller, Producer - June Christy, MainArtist - Leroy Vinnegar, AssociatedPerformer, Bass (Vocal) - Larry Bunker, Drums, Vibraphone, AssociatedPerformer - Howard Roberts, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Joe Castro, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Joe Castro Quartet, Ensemble, Performer, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1960 Capitol Records

Good Morning Heartache
Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday, MainArtist - Ervin Drake, ComposerLyricist - Milt Gabler, Producer - Tiny Grimes, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - DAN FISHER, ComposerLyricist - Irene Higginbotham, ComposerLyricist - John Simmons, Double Bass, AssociatedPerformer - Sid Catlett, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Joe Guy, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - Chris Griffin, Trumpet, AssociatedPerformer - Hank Ross, Tenor Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Joe Springer, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Bill Stegmeyer's Orchestra, Orchestra - Bernie Kaufman, Tenor Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer - Armand Camgros, Tenor Saxophone, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 1946 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Time Is On My Side
Irma Thomas

H.B. BARNUM, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - JERRY RAGOVOY, ComposerLyricist - Irma Thomas, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Eddie Ray, Producer

℗ 1964 Capitol Records, LLC

Stormy Weather
Etta James

Harold Arlen, ComposerLyricist - Ted Koehler, ComposerLyricist - Riley Hampton, Conductor, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Etta James, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Leonard Chess, Producer - Phil Chess, Producer

℗ 1960 UMG Recordings, Inc.

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Dusty Springfield

Simon Napier-Bell, Translator - Vicki Wickham, Translator - Vito Pallavicini, Author - Pino Donaggio, Composer - Dusty Springfield, Vocalist, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - John Franz, Producer

℗ 1966 Mercury Records Limited

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