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Mall Grab

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Jordan Alexander (aka Mall Grab) is an Australian house producer whose music embraces a wide range of genre influences, from hardcore punk to drum'n'bass and electro. Emerging in 2015, Alexander took his moniker from the sarcastic term used when someone holds a skateboard incorrectly -- with the grip tape rubbing against their clothes -- which is typical of people who use one as an accessory; the name hints at the fun-loving nature behind his productions and his often-cheeky demeanor. After releasing numerous EPs, including Sun Ra (2016) and How the Dogs Chill, Vol. 1 (2018), Alexander made his full-length debut with 2022's What I Breathe. Born in Newcastle, Australia, Alexander was originally inspired by his parents' rock & roll record collection, but when he hit his teens he developed a love of electronic and dance music, specifically electro and the rise of the Ed Banger crew. As his taste matured, Alexander found an affinity with dusty, understated house cuts, leading to his debut EP, 2015's Feel U, which saw release on Canadian label Collect-Call; despite being the label's first unknown signing, the EP quickly sold out. The sudden attention set off a string of Mall Grab releases on U.K. labels, all with a slightly different flavor, including the airy tones of Alone via Shall Not Fade, the nocturnal vibe on Elegy via 1080p, and the sultry aesthetic on the Sun Ra EP released on Church. By 2016, Alexander was in high demand throughout Europe, prompting his relocation to London, which set the stage for an incredibly prolific year. He kicked off 2016 with the release of his much-sought-after Alicia Keys edit, "Let U Kno," on Hokkaido Dance Club just before he began his monthly residency at Rinse FM. In the summer of 2016, he also launched his own record label, Steel City Dance Discs, formed as a sub-label of Shall Not Fade. 2016 was rounded out with two more EPs, Menace II Society for Unknown to the Unknown -- which showcased a harder edge -- and I Just Wanna on Hot Haus Records -- featuring the disco-infused title track. The following year saw the release of the Pool Party EP, which, as the name implies, had a far brighter sound with obvious nods to hip-hop and summer jams. How the Dogs Chill, Vol. 1 arrived in 2018, while 2019 marked the arrival of the Growing Pains EP. Strangers, a collaboration with Skin on Skin was released later that year, and in 2020 Alexander teamed up with Baltimore hardcore punk unit Turnstile for the remix EP Share a View. 2020 also saw the release of the EP Don't Keep the Fire Burning, and in 2021 the prolific Aussie issued the reliably high-energy Steel City Dance Discs, Vol. 20. Mall Grab released his first full-length, What I Breathe, in 2022, with Nia Archives, D Double E, Novelist, and Turnstile's Brendan Yates featured as guests.
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