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With an unfettered sound influenced by everything from Afro-beat to Anatolian funk, Goat are an experimental psychedelic rock band based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. The band have received acclaim for their explosive, energetic performances, during which they don elaborate masks and costumes, as well as their albums, including the aptly named 2012 debut World Music, which gathered sounds from around the globe in a swirling mix of sound. Records that followed saw the band tweaking the template for the lush, acoustic-based Requiem (2016) and on 2022's Oh Death taking a maximalist, anything goes approach to psychedelia that's fuzzy, heavy, and free flowing all at once. Not much is known about the mysterious masked band, though an apocryphal back-story claims they are just one of many incarnations over the last 30 years of a group from a small, voodoo-worshiping northern town named Korpilombolo. Goat's sound is a fusion of world music influences, as they create a timelessly psychedelic sound that doesn't feel anchored to any single time or place. In 2012, the band released its first album, World Music, though Rocket Records, followed quickly by a live album, Live Ballroom Ritual, the following year. Teaming up with Sub Pop Records, the Swedish psych outfit returned with the exploratory and motorik Commune in the fall of 2014. After releasing the "It's Time for Fun" and "I Sing in Silence" singles in late 2015 and early 2016, respectively, the mysterious group returned in September of 2016 with its third record, the more acoustic and subdued Requiem. Fuzzed in Europe, a collection of live recordings, appeared in 2017, and the band's soundtrack to horror film Double Date was released for Record Store Day in 2018. Also that year, the band released the single "Let It Burn," written for the short film Killing Gävle. That single plus many others from their career were collected on 2021's Headsoup. Also included were two tracks recorded in 2020 that showed a funkier, more loose limbed approach to psychedelic music. The band continued down this road on 2022's Oh Death, an album released by Rocket Recordings that also nodded to the earthy world psych of earlier albums while also folding in scuzzy biker rock, free jazz, and spiky post-punk.
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