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Dave Sewelson

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Dave Sewelson is a saxophonist, composer, and bandleader based in New York City's East Village. Though he plays most horns in the saxophone family, the baritone is his primary instrument. His thick, rich, grainy tone alternately bleats, roars, honks, moans, wails, and sings. He is one of the more emotionally expressive and sought-after soloists on the vanguard scene. Sewelson made his recorded leader debut with Synchro-Incity in 1979. He's played with composer/saxophonist Phillip Johnston in Fast 'n' Bulbous and other projects, and is a founding member of the Microscopic Septet. He's a longtime collaborator of William Parker's, and a lifetime member of the bassist's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra; the pair have played and recorded together in many settings. In 2016, Sewelson's quartet issued Our Earth/Our World. Two years later he released the acclaimed Music for a Free World with Parker, Steve Swell, and Marvin "Bugalu" Smith, followed two years later by More Music for a Free World. In 2021, Sewelson formed a quartet with lap steel guitarist Mike Neer, bassist Dave Hofstra, and drummer Bernice “Boom Boom” Brooks. Their debut, Smooth Free Jazz, appeared in December. Sewelson was born in Oakland in 1952. He began playing trumpet at age nine and moved over to baritone horn at 11. This was followed by a stint on drums, and at 13, the electric bass; he added upright bass to his skill set before switching back to saxophone at the age of 21. He has specialized in the baritone saxophone since the early '70s, though he is proficient on most branches of the sax tree. He moved to New York in 1977. Among the first musicians he met and connected with were Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcomb. In 1979, he played on Horvitz's No Place Fast and subsequently led the 25 O'Clock Blues Band on the recording sessions for the album Synchro-Incity. He played on Horvitz's Simple Facts in 1980, marking the first time he worked with Parker and John Zorn, who also played on the session. In 1981 he recorded with saxophonist Peter Kuhn for the first time on the Hat Hut date Ghost of a Trance. The following year he joined bassist Saheb Sarbib & His Multinational Big Band for their debut album, Aisha, on Cadence Jazz. Other players on the date included Jemeel Moondoc, Frank Wright, Roy Campbell, and Steven Bernstein. Later that year they issued Live at the Public Theater. In 1983, he joined the original lineup of the Microscopic Septet for their debut album Let's Flip! His bandmates included future collaborators Dave Hofstra on bass and composer Phillip Johnston on soprano saxophone. He remained in the lineup through 1989, playing on albums such as Off Beat Glory and Beauty Based on Science. In 1994, Sewelson joined Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra for their debut album Flowers Grow in My Room. Other members on the date included drummer Susie Ibarra, saxophonists Will Connell, Rob Brown, and Assif Tsahar, Gregg Bendian on vibes, and Hofstra on tuba. The band's evolving, ever-expanding lineup signed to the newly formed AUM Fidelity for 1997's Sunrise in the Tone World. The following year, Sewelson played on Johnston's Tzadik debut Music for Films. As the new century dawned, Sewelson emerged as a core member and soloist in Parker's large group. They issued Mayor of Punkville in 2000 on AUM Fidelity and the concert outing Raincoat in the River, Vol.1: ICA Concert on Eremite. Sewelson formed a band with Daniel Carter, Parker, Dee Pop, and Hofstra for a CBGB's gig that resulted in the live album Freedomland: Amusement Park in 2002. 2003 saw the release of two more Little Huey outings: Mass for the Healing of the World (Black Saint) and Spontaneous (Splasch). Between tours, Sewelson, Little Huey, and Carter released Freedomland: Yia Yia's Song. 2005 saw the Cuneiform release of Pork Chop Blue Around the Rind, the debut album by Fast 'n' Bulbous, a New York-based Captain Beefheart tribute band. The lineup included Johnston, Sewelson, guitarist Gary Lucas, trombonist Joe Fiedler, trumpeter Rob Henke, and drummer Richard Dworkin. The following year, Sewelson joined Parker's Olmec group for Long Hidden: The Olmec Series and Little Huey's seminal For Percy Heath; the latter was recorded live at the 22nd Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville. In 2007, Sewelson, baritone saxophonist Claire Daly, and double bassist Hofstra formed Two Sisters Inc. and issued the long-player Scaribari. In June 2007, the William Parker Orchestra performed and recorded his long-form work Double Sunrise Over Neptune at Vision Festival XII in New York. It was issued in August of 2008 to global acclaim. That year, Sewelson resumed his membership in the Microscopic Septet for Lobster Leaps In and remained for nearly a decade. In 2009, Fast 'n' Bulbous issued their sophomore album, Waxed Oop. In 2011, after issuing Friday the 13th: The Micros Play Monk with the Microscopic Septet, Sewelson joined composer/trombonist Steve Swell's Nation of We for The Business of Here: Live at Roulette, and worked with Parker's orchestra -- with guest soloist Kidd Jordan -- for the globally celebrated Essence of Ellington. Sewelson gigged with his other bands, which also included Sewelsonics, and worked the road with several bandleaders. In 2016 the Microscopic Septet issued Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me: The Micros Play the Blues. That same year, Sewelson and Peter Kuhn formed a quartet with Gerald Cleaver and Larry Roland to independently release Our Earth/Our World. Two years later, he played with Parker on the double-length Flower in a Stained-Glass Window/The Blinking of the Ear. Parker returned the favor in 2018 and joined Sewelson's quartet for the widely acclaimed Music for a Free World. The band also included drummer Marvin "Bugalu" Smith and Swell. It was considered by many critics as one of the year's best free jazz dates. Sewelson also appeared on Voices Fall from the Sky, a box set of unreleased Parker material. Near the end of the year, the live album Dependent Origination appeared on FMR. It was compiled from a 2016 California gig led by Alex Cline that included saxophonists Sewelson and Kuhn with cornetist Dan Clucas and bassist Scott Walton. In 2019, Sewelson, Parker, and tenor Kaelen Ghandhi joined drummer Kevin Murray for the freely improvised Live at the Bushwick Series. The following year, the baritone saxophonist helped bring together the DUX Orchestra with Mats Gustafsson, Ibarra, Connell, and Hofstra, for the improvised long-player Duck Walks Dog (With Mixed Results) issued by Lithuania's NoBusiness Records. Sewelson also issued a follow-up quartet date, the globally celebrated More Music for a Free World. December 2021 saw the release of Smooth Free Jazz, the debut long-player by Sewelson's quartet of the same name; the lineup included lap steel guitarist Mike Neer, bassist Hofstra, and drummer Bernice "Boom Boom" Brooks.
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