Two years later, singer Charlie Steen, guitarists Sean Coyle-Smith and Eddie Green, drummer Charlie Forbes and bassist Josh Finerty are still going strong. And just as well. The Brixton gang have mostly found the right balance for their difficult second album, retaining the characteristic style of Songs of Praise without wallowing in it.

shame - Water in the Well (Official Video)


Drunk Tank Pink plays with changes of rhythm, imprecations, tense – even very tense – sequences, over-the-top repetitive passages, and humorous gimmicks too. Above all, the teenage rage is eclipsed a little in favour of increased sound space and reflection. Losing identity and navigating reality, Steen has pulled out all the stops to make this second album more... adult?

shame - Nigel Hitter (Official Video)


"After we finished touring," the singer explains, "I was left with a lot of silence as I stumbled around trying to figure out the daily routine. On top of that, I was confronting my subconscious at night through a series of intense dreams which left me in a daze during the day. Nigel Hitter feels like a cathartic expression of that period.”

shame - Snow Day (Official Audio)


On Born in Luton, Shame opens on an almost-funky groove in the Talking Heads/ESG mould, before taking a 180° turn towards a more oppressive ambiance. The Londoners fascinate with this schizophrenic pivot that repeats throughout the song and fits well with the atmosphere of a hectic world. And when the 41st and final minute of Drunk Tank Pink comes to an end, the urge to take a ride on this neo-post-punk rollercoaster is overwhelming!


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