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The Canadian progressive and hard rock group called Christmas formed in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1969. It came together from some of the members of a disbanded group called Reign Ghost. Guitarist and singer Bob Bryden, singer Lynda Squire, and drummer Helge "Rich" Richter had all three worked together in the earlier group. The lineup wasn't a stable one though and Squire soon left to follow other career choices. With her loss, Christmas found two new members, singer and guitarist Robert Bulger and bassist Tyler Reizanne. The group finished a couple of albums in 1970, Christmas and Heritage. There were also a number of singles released, such as "Don't Give It Away," "I'm a Song," "Farewell Sweet Love," and "Point Blank." When the band still seemed to be floundering in first gear in the 1971, Bulger abandoned ship too, being replaced by another singer, Preston Wynn. The band took a year off and then came back with a lengthened name, the Spirit of Christmas. None of the efforts helped the group gain stardom and in 1975, the team called it quits. Most members went on to other bands, like Benzene, Age of Mirrors, Buzzsaw, the Forgotten Rebels, and Threshold. In the '90s, three of the albums Christmas had recorded -- Heritage, Lies to Live By, and Live at Massey Hall -- were re-released.
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