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Patrick Roberts: "It was always a dream of mine to record and collaborate with Sting and I wanted to make that dream become a reality."

By Jessica Porter-Langson |

On the occasion of his first release with Decca, we catch up with Australian violinist Patrick Roberts to talk about his album 'Fragile.'

After performing internationally and topping the ARIA charts multiple times Patrick Roberts is no stranger to his home country Australia. One may have seen him early on in his career with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, as a soloist at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, or even on television around the country.

After his 7th studio release Imagine featuring Julian Lennon and Tommy Emmanuel that debuted at No.1 on the classical / crossover charts, Roberts is back with another stunning album, this time signed to the legendary Decca label.
"To be signed with Decca feels amazing. I’ve always wanted to be signed to Decca Records as they have such a long history with some of the greatest artists in the world. It has certainly always been a dream of mine to release a record under their banner."

And that is not the only dream that came true with his recent release Fragile which also features the one and only Sting on the iconic title track.
"It was always a dream of mine to record and collaborate with Sting and I wanted to make that dream become a reality. It was my goal to make this version of Fragile extra special with having Sting’s vocals included. Collaborating with him and featuring him singing on the chorus was magic and certainly made the track very unique and special. Having Tommy Emmanuel add his genius guitar solos in the track was also an amazing experience and it's always wonderful to work with him. The combined result was something very special."

After studying classical violin at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Roberts ventured away from the traditional to forge his own course in music.
"I started performing shows with more classical orientated repertoire in my early years after graduating and I found that it closed the door to certain audience members who just wanted to come and enjoy music of all genres. So I decided to add some crossover music into my repertoire and then I expanded from then to record albums with songs from all musical genres."

Success followed with this new path as more and more people found Robert's music accessible, enjoyable and simply stunning. The eclecticism of the tracks on Fragile, from Ennio Morricone's Gabriel's Oboe, to a track (Lo Ti Penso Amore) where Paganini meets Bernard Rose, originally performed by David Garrett} and former {{Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger. The tracks are glued together seamlessly by one theme, love.
"Lately I have been filming performance videos of very romantic music to all my fans around the world and It has been a genre of music that everyone loves. For me it was an opportunity to record some of my absolute favourite songs all on the one album. There is certainly something for everyone including some up beat songs by Cold Play and even U2."