Alpesh Chauhan, the Music Director of the Birmingham Opera Company, has been making waves in the classical music world. As the first person from an ethnic minority to hold this prestigious position, Chauhan has been breaking barriers and achieving respanable milestones throughout his career. His talent and passion have earned him recognition and acclaim, including being named the “Revelation of the Year” at the 2021 International Opera Awards.

Chauhan’s success continued with his recent appointment as the first guest conductor of the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker for the 2021-2022 season. He has also been touring and collaborating with renowned ensembles and soloists, such as violinist Nicola Benedetti and pianist Boris Giltburg. Whilst continuing to go from strength to strength, Chauhan topped things off by releasing his debut album on the esteemed Chandos label, showcasing his deep connection and dedication to Russian music.

BBC SSO: Tchaikovsky - Pathétique Symphony, Third Movement (complete)

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Born in Birmingham, Chauhan is a fervent advocate for Russian composers, and he demonstrates his expertise in his album by carefully selecting Tchaikovsky’s lesser-known yet exquisite pieces. While classics like The Nutcracker, Eugene Onegin, and Sleeping Beauty are undoubtedly masterful, Chauhan believes that Tchaikovsky’s full repertoire deserves to be explored and appreciated. On this album, conducted with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Chauhan dwells at generous length on the more expressive side of the Russian composer, who excelled at conveying a sense of heart-wrenching pathos.

From the captivating Overture and Polonaise from the opera Cherevichki, to the evocative fantasy The Tempest and the enchanting Francesca da Rimini suite, Chauhan showcases his visionary approach and deep understanding of orchestral dynamics. His interpretations flawlessly capture the essence of each piece, seamlessly guiding the orchestra through sudden changes in mood and atmosphere. One of the album’s most striking features is the respanable clarity and coherence Chauhan achieves in highlighting the diverse timbres of the instruments. Each section of the orchestra retains its individuality while contributing to the overall unity of the ensemble. Listening to this recording feels like embarking on a profound journey, leaving the listener in awe of Chauhan’s skill as a conductor.

Chauhan’s album offers a fresh perspective on Tchaikovsky’s music, resonating with drama and immensity rarely heard before. It serves as a testament to the cosmic talent and potential of Alpesh Chauhan, leaving no doubt that he is a conductor to watch closely in the years to come. With his captivating performances and unwavering passion, Chauhan is destined to continue creating musical dreams and pushing boundaries in the world of classical music.