Mainline Magic Orchestra (Spain)

Self-described as a house boy band, Mainline Magic Orchestra’s sound is inherently tinged with the warm breeze of their Spanish heritage. Originating from Catalonia accompanied by a Boiler Room set with over 70,000 views, this group are legends in the making. Often donning makeup and costumes behind their various instruments, the group bring a sense of humour to their performances that most house groups leave behind the decks. An amazing blend of Spanish house, techno and whimsy, Mainline Magic Orchestra are absolutely not to be missed.

Alvvays (Canada)

Never underestimate the power of a good indie band, as Alvvays are not just another group of Arctic Monkeys wannabees. Lead singer Molly Rankin’s voice and stage presence is not something to be missed, as the group churns out indie-rock essentials, one after the other. However, the group’s slightly punk / experimental side is what keeps things interesting, and their ability to please a crowd is why they are one of the few indie rock bands who are continuing to make waves in the scene.

Alvvays at The Academy 2, Manchester
Alvvays - Gary Mather

Flowerovlove (UK)

Don’t be fooled by flowerovlove’s young age (17!), her youthfulness is at the very heart of her music, through which she captures the sounds of her adolescence and individuality perfectly. Using the power of social media, flowerovlove quickly gained recognition in the industry and has already collaborated with established artists such as Rico Nasty and Ryan Beatty. Her music is soulful and heartfelt, speaking about topics that shape a young soul like love, heartbreak, and growing up. One of those artists you can look back at seeing live and say “oh yeah, I was into their music before they blew up.”

flowerovlove - Love You


The Beths (New Zealand)

Even a minimum of 33 hours on a plane couldn’t stop The Beths from killing a live set, in fact, around the Southern Hemisphere it is a well-known fact that the band have some of the best live shows in town. The Beths’ ability to blend ‘90s alt-rock influences with modern indie-pop sensibilities makes them an instant crowd-pleaser, and lead singer/guitarist Elizabeth Stokes vocals are an absolute dream to listen to. The Beths are not to be missed while they are on this side of the world.

The Beths - "Knees Deep" (Official)

The Beths

Isabella Lovestory (Honduras)

EDM meets reggaeton meets pop… sounds like the perfect set for a summer festival. Well, that is what Honduran native / Montreal-based singer Isabella Lovestory is all about. Her music is dripping with seductive excess that features eclectic influences, from 2000s pop to chugging metal guitars and pounding industrial beats. Despite reggaeton’s male-centred narratives, women have always been present in the movement and Isabella is the next Queen of Latin pop.

Isabella Lovestory - Exibisionista

Isabella Lovestory

Sudan Archives (USA)

A violinist and a vocalist, Sudan Archives is a musician of many hats, however, it was learning the violin by ear from a young age that really shaped her diversity as an artist. Sudan Archives’ music is characterized by its innovative and genre-defying approach, with a sound that is both modern and deeply rooted in tradition. Incorporating a diverse range of musical styles into her work, including R&B, West African music, and beat-making, yet keeping violin at the forefront of her performances, is what makes her live act so captivating and is truly something to be witnessed.

Joe Unknown (UK)

British-based DJ Joe Unknown has a place in his heart for British culture, however dreary or commonplace some of his inspirations may be (if you’re familiar with Wetherspoons then you know what we mean). But pints and Gregg’s aren’t his only influences, his music is all the best bits of Britain; punk and hip-hop mixed with a flurry of rhymes and on-the-nose lyrics. He says his overriding motivation is one of personal fulfilment, to make a connection, and to liberate people from whatever issues plague them. Absolutely an artist whose live set is not one to be missed.

Crack Cloud (Canada)

More than just a band, Crack Cloud describe themselves as a mixed media studio, whose content examines the cultural intersection between media and modern identity. The group are an ever-changing and evolving presence, usually centred around vocalist and drummer Zach Choy and keyboardist Mohammed Ali Sharar. Their new-age approach to punk, dream pop, electronica and 100 other micro-genres is something that needs to be seen live to truly be appreciated, as is the way with such indescribable talent.

Crack Cloud
Crack Cloud

Brutalismus 3000 (Germany)

Nu gabba post techno punk… although Brutalismus 3000, an electronic duo from Berlin, are far more than just those few genres. The pair’s saw-toothed music contains a punk edge, despite being rooted in genres such as trance and electroclash, with heavily distorted vocals and bass drums that are enough to unnerve but excite at the same time. Brutalismus 3000 are frenzied and unhinged yet razor sharp - an act best enjoyed deep into the night.

The Comet is Coming (UK)

London is known for its thriving jazz scene, yet amid all the groups, you have The Comet is Coming, making apocalyptic space funk. The band’s unique blend of jazz, electronica, and funk creates a mesmerizing and otherworldly atmosphere, enhanced by psychedelic visuals and lighting effects. The trio’s playing is tight-knit and harmonious, yet they still leave just enough room for each individual to shine, producing a tremendous collision of sounds that could be roughly categorized as a blend of cosmic electronic and jazz music. An act to lose yourself in.

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