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Porcupine Tree: "Today's urban music is fresher than rock music, which is still obsessed with the Beatles approach."

By Marc Zisman |

Exclusive interview with Steven Wilson and Richard Barbieri on the occasion of the release of "Closure / Continuation", an 11th album that reminds us that Porcupine Tree remains the unavoidable reference in modern progressive rock...

No one really imagined that Porcupine Tree would follow up their 2009 album, The Incident. Especially since the solo career of the leader of the most popular contemporary progressive rock band, singer and guitarist Steven Wilson, has been in full swing for a decade. But within the confines of the band, anything is possible.

It seems that Wilson, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and drummer Gavin Harrison have got the ball rolling again. Without making a fuss. Without putting pressure on themselves. Above all, without setting themselves the goal of making a record. Each of them has matured, evolved and digested their Covid experiences to give birth, to everyone's surprise, to an eleventh album whose title, Closure / Continuation, leaves some doubt as to the continuation of the festivities... In the meantime, proud of their new baby, Steven Wilson and Richard Barbieri, exclusively for Qobuz, confide in us about the state of Porcupine Tree, their respective solo careers and their view on current music. Wilson takes the opportunity to talk about his exciting work as a remixer of great classic albums.


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