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Songlines - August/September 2019

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Playlist: Songlines - August/September 2019

by Qobuz Netherlands

  • 29 tracks - 01h49m

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A selection of tracks from some of the top-rated albums in August/September 2019's edition of Songlines magazine, featuring music from Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle-East...Photo: Park Jiha © Kim Jaewoo

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Songlines - August/September 2019

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Title Artist Album Duration
City In Lights
Africa Express EGOLI 00:04:01

Domino, MusicPublisher - Georgia Barnes, Composer, Lyricist - Africa Express feat. Georgia, Mahotella Queens, Otim Alpha, Nick Zinner, MainArtist

2019 Africa Express 2019 Africa Express

Ojo Balingo, MainArtist - Kehinde Kujembola, Producer

(C) 1985 Tabansi (P) 1985 Tabansi

Foufou Danba
Various Artists Maroc 00:02:50

Asma Hamzaoui, Bnat Tombouctou, MainArtist - Asma Hamzaoui, Composer, Author, Artist - Bnat Tombouctou, Composer, Author, Artist

2019 Radio France 2019 Radio France

Ambiance Bamako
Mc Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho Supreme Talent Show 00:03:30

Gaspa, Composer - Mc Waraba & Mélèké Tchatcho, MainArtist - MC Waraba, Lyricist - Mélèké Tchatcho, Lyricist

2019 Jarring Effects 2019 Jarring Effects

Festa do Tubarão
Dona Onete Rebujo 00:03:20

Dona Onete, MainArtist - Pio Lobato, Producer, Arranger - Ionete Da Silveira Gama, Composer, Lyricist - Jp Cavalcante, Producer, Arranger - Marcos Sarrazin, Arranger - Alter K;Mais Um, MusicPublisher - Vovo Clenilson, Arranger - Breno Oliveira, Arranger - Assis Figueiredo, Producer - Geraldinho Magalhaes, Producer

2019 Mais Um Discos 2019 Mais Um

Malo Viento
Yapunto Yapunto 00:05:57

Stéphane Montigny, Composer - Nidia Góngora, FeaturedArtist - Nancy Murillo, Composer, Lyricist - Yapunto, MainArtist

2018 Yapunto 2018 Yapunto

What Makes You
Elephant Sessions What Makes You 00:04:20

Mark Bruce, Composer - Seth Tinsley, Composer - Elephant Sessions, Artist, MainArtist - Alasdair Taylor, Composer - Euan Smillie, Composer - Greg Barry, Composer

2019 Elephant Sessions 2019 Elephant Sessions, Julien Batten

Shopska Pesen
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite Heritage 00:02:17

Trad., Composer, Lyricist - The Bulgarian Voices Angelite, MainArtist - jaro Medien, MusicPublisher

2019 Jaro Medien GmbH 2019 Jaro Medien GmbH

Edgelarks Feather 00:05:56

Hannah Martin, Composer, Author - Edgelarks Publishing, OriginalPublisher - Edgelarks, Artist, MainArtist

2019 Phillip Henry, Hannah Martin 2019 Phillip Henry, Hannah Martin

The Proofreader
Rachel Hair SPARKS 00:02:38

Rachel Hair, Composer, MainArtist - Ron Jappy, MainArtist

2019 March Hair Records 2019 March Hair Records

Boban Markovic Mrak 00:03:16

Boban Markovic Orkestar, Artist, MainArtist - Boban Markovic, Composer, Author

2019 Fonó Budai Zeneház 2019 Fonó Budai Zeneház

John Barleycorn
Belinda Kempster & Fran Foote On Clay Hill 00:03:28

Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Ian Carter, Producer - Fran Foote, Writer - Belinda Kempster, Writer - Belinda Kempster & Fran Foote, MainArtist

2019 From Here Records 2019 From Here Records

Cel Vārtīnus
Lata Donga Variācijas 00:04:37

Lata Donga, Artist, MainArtist - Aida Rancane, Composer, Author

2019 CPL-Music 2019 CPL-Music

Retratos y transcripciones: No. 3, Tango (Arr. for Accordion)
Leopold Godowsky Tango Ladeado 00:02:40

Luis De Pablo, Composer - Janne Rattya, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Alba (P) 2019 Alba

Bonny May (Remastered)
June Tabor Airs and Graces 00:04:59

June Tabor, Composer, MainArtist - Nic Jones, FeaturedArtist

2019 Fernie Court Management Limited. Licensed by Proper records Limited. 2019 Fernie Court Management Limited. Licensed by Proper records Limited.

Väsen Rule of 3 00:02:56

Mikael Marin, Composer, Writer - Väsen, MainArtist

© 2019 Väsen and East Side, Inc. ℗ 2019 Väsen & East Side Inc.

Chaturangui Express
Debashish Bhattacharya Joy!Guru 00:03:51
Thunder Shower
Park Jiha Philos 00:04:15

Park Jiha, Composer, MainArtist

2019 Glitterbeat Records 2019 Glitterbeat Records

Sowt "Delpa Madoka Bandant" Et "Man Lene Taraga Bandant"
Various Artists Baloutchistan (La tradition instrumentale / The Instrumental Tradition) [Archive Series] 00:05:40

Rasulbakhsh Zangeshâhi, Rahimbakhsh Zangeshâhi, MainArtist - Rasulbakhsh Zangeshâhi, Artist - Rahimbakhsh Zangeshâhi, Composer, Author, Artist - Rasulbakhsk Zangeshâhi, Composer, Author

2019 Radio France 2019 Radio France

Prayer (Arr. G. Herbig for Guitar)
Gunter Herbig Ex oriente 00:02:43

Günter Herbig, Arranger, MainArtist - George lvanovich Gurdjieff, Composer

(C) 2019 BIS (P) 2019 BIS

Various Artists Mehdi Rajabian: Middle Eastern 00:03:21

Mehdi Rajabian, Producer, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment Turkey. (P) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment Turkey.

Evlerinde makine
Yalçın Özsoy Music from Turkey 00:02:06

Nejat Buhara, Artist - Yalçın Özsoy, Artist, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Caprice (P) 2019 Caprice

Dawn: V. Offering
Kayhan Kalhor It's Still Autumn 00:04:16

Kayhan Kalhor, MainArtist - Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Kepera Records (P) 2019 Kepera Records

Kolida Babo
Kolida Babo Kolida Babo 00:03:11

Kolida Babo, MainArtist - S. Votskos, Producer - C. Pappas, Producer

(C) 2019 MIC Records (P) 2019 MIC Records

The Moon
Stephan Micus White Night 00:03:21

Christoph Stickel, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Stephan Micus, Composer, Producer, Mixer, Recording Engineer, Duduk, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2019 ECM Records GmbH, under exclusive license to Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin

September Blues
Quantic Atlantic Oscillations 00:05:05

William Holland, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Quantic, MainArtist

2019 Tru Thoughts 2019 Tru Thoughts

Africa Speaks
Santana Africa Speaks 00:04:47

Rick Rubin, Producer, Recording Producer - David Axelrod, ComposerLyricist - Carlos Santana, ComposerLyricist - Buika, FeaturedArtist, ComposerLyricist - Santana, MainArtist

℗ 2019 Starfaith, LLC.

Polonois chinois (After G.P. Telemann)
Holland Baroque Silk Baroque 00:02:52

WU Wei, Artist, MainArtist - Holland Baroque, Ensemble - Judith Steenbrink, Composer


Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Julie Fowlis, ComposerLyricist - Karine Polwart, ComposerLyricist - Seckou Keita, ComposerLyricist - Kris Drever, ComposerLyricist - Beth Porter, ComposerLyricist - Jackie Morris, ComposerLyricist - Rachel Newton, MainArtist, ComposerLyricist - Robert Macfarlane, ComposerLyricist - Jim Molyneux, ComposerLyricist - The Lost Words: Spell Songs, MainArtist

2019 Quercus Records 2019 Quercus Records

About Playlist

A selection of tracks from some of the top-rated albums in August/September 2019's edition of Songlines magazine, featuring music from Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle-East...

Photo: Park Jiha © Kim Jaewoo

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