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Jazz - Verschenen op 10 februari 2021 | Tuk Music

Hi-Res Booklet
Paolo Fresu won't be stopped so easily! Not even at 60. In this, his birthday week, the Sardinian trumpeter with the XXL discography (his name appears on more than 300 records!) is releasing a triple album! The one who keeps slaloming between genres, inspirations and partners is offering up three sides of his art. This copious P60LO FR3SU opens with a remastered reissue of Heartland, a 2001 album featuring the voice of David Linx and arrangements for string quartet by Diederik Wissels. It closes with Heroes, a surprising vocal work, exclusively composed of David Bowie covers. These covers are often surprising and full of  freshness, performed by Petra Magoni and recorded at the end of 2020. Fresu has placed The Sun on the Sea, dead centre in this vocal romp. Also recorded in 2020, it was made with two faithful companions: his fellow bandoneonist Daniele Di Bonaventura and the Brazilian cellist Jaques Morelenbaum. A trio sailing on the currents of a Mediterranean jazz which is also pushed along by Latin American waves. More than two hours and forty-five minutes of protean and colourful music, made in the image of the trumpeter himself. © Clotilde Maréchal/Qobuz
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Jazz - Verschenen op 12 april 2019 | Tuk Music

Hi-Res Booklet Onderscheidingen 5 Sterne Fono Forum Jazz
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Jazz - Verschenen op 20 juni 2015 | Tuk Music


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