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Strange Wilds

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Strange Wilds are a band from Olympia, Washington who are keeping the traditions of Pacific Northwest rock alive (well, at least those from the '80s and '90s), cranking out nervy, furious rock informed by grunge, punk, and noise rock. Strange Wilds began making music in 2012, after guitarist and vocalist Steven (the members are hesitant to use their last names) hosted a show at his home and met Sean, a native of Boise, Idaho whose group was on the bill. Steven and Sean stayed in touch, and when Sean relocated to Olympia to attend college, Steven asked him if he'd be interested in forming a band. After recruiting two other musicians, they named their new band Wet, and they began playing gigs along the West Coast. After Wet's initial lineup fell apart in 2014, Steven and Sean invited drummer Allen to sign on, and they adopted the new name Strange Wilds. The old band name Wet became the title of their debut four-song EP, and the record won the group some serious buzz in the Northwest -- enough so that Sub Pop Records, the iconic indie label that helped launch the grunge uprising in the '80s, offered Strange Wilds a record deal. In early 2015, Strange Wilds released a three-song 7" through Sub Pop, "Standing" b/w "Gator Cough" and "Never Warm." July 2015 saw the release of Strange Wilds' first full-length album, Subjective Concepts.
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